Mesa American Little League is made up of 6 separate divisions, based on level of play and age.

  • T-Ball (Ages 5-6)
    T-Ball is the first introduction into Little League Baseball. Kids begin learning the basic skills ranging from base-running, fielding and hitting. Kids learn in a safe, fun environment. At this level, coaches and parents provide true hands-on teaching. Sportsmanship, team dynamics, full participation and respect for all players is emphasized. T-Ball is loads of fun for all beginning Little Leaguers.
  • Coach Pitch (Ages 6-7)
    Geared for beginning and developing baseball players, Intermediate players learn the fundamental skills and game strategy of baseball. Coaches stress proper throwing and catching skills, base-running, tagging out players and, of course, hitting. At this level, games are coach pitched, giving batters a real pitch to hit and the catchers real experience behind the plate.
  • Rookie (Ages 7-8)
    The Rookie league is designed to transition players from a coach pitched ball to a kid pitched ball. Players learn to hit from a kid pitched ball. The first half of the season, players pitch and batters either hit or strike out. (like intermediate) The second half of the season, the players may walk on a 4 ball count.
  • Minors (Ages 9-10)
    The Minors league is designed to develop baseball skills for kids 9-10 years old. It is a great place to learn about sportsmanship and the basics of fielding, hitting and throwing. Consider it the training ground for advancement to Majors. Players are placed based on tryouts and a draft. All players not chosen for a Majors Division team will be placed on a Minors team.
  • Majors (Ages 11-12)
    The Majors is a competitive baseball league for 11-12 year olds. Team placement is by tryout and a draft system. The Majors have a maximum of 12 players on each team. Our coaches will reinforce the fundamentals of baseball, team play and sportsmanship.
  • Juniors (Ages 13-14)
    The Junior League is designed to encourage players to continue to play baseball and improve their skill development. The Juniors teams play against teams from other Juniors programs in our District. New rules are introduced, such as lead offs, pick offs and balks, and the game is played on a larger field.